To survive and flourish in this complex, uncertain, and fast-moving world, I believe organizations must be engaging places to work. Leadership needs to be distributed to unleash everyone’s full potential and creativity, and to make sure the best ideas win. As an Agile leadership and organization developer, I draw on almost 20 years of Agile experience, to help Managers develop agile leadership and motivated, self-organized team on all levels. If you have any questions or is looking for an Agile coach that can advise, train, coach, and guide on all levels, please feel free to reach out.  

- Martin Ellemann Olesen

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The Agile Podcast (Den Agile Podcast) is hosted and produces in collaboration with my Ugilic colleague Tore Nielsen.

My Main Services 

All my services can be scaled in collaboration with my colleagues at Ugilic

Agile Transformation

The motivation to adopt Agile must come from within. Otherwise, the effect will at best be superficial and temporary. By understanding where people are, involving and engaging them in the process, drawing on vast experience, and applying a disciplinary approach, we have demonstrated at Ugilic, that  we can help make Agile work.

Leadership Coaching

I believe that effective management is one of the keys to organizational efficiency. Agile, self-organizing teams must be motivated in a different way than project teams of the past. Therefore, I'm passionate about helping leaders understand in depth how their personal beliefs are translated into effective or ineffective Agile leadership practices.

Workshops & Training

My personal passion for training is about sharing experience and teaching the basics. I always try to combine theory with practice, by involving the participants and their unique backgrounds and challenges. You might not get a fancy certificate after all my courses, but I guarantee you will take something back you can use in your daily work.

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