Having recently been appointed to evaluate and select Young Business Leader of the Year in Copenhagen 2012, I have reflected a great deal on what I believe it takes to be a great leader.

Naturally a great leader should have a track record of success in business, but that goes more or less without saying and the candidates I will be evaluating wouldn’t be candidates if they hadn’t. Secondly I believe a great leaders skill-set should include, but not be limited to, ability to create lasting change, personal drive and passion, responsible behavior, highly collaborative, able to mobilize and motivate employees, pays attention to personal development, can keep her head cool and make tough decisions when needed and shows a genuine human side to management and life.

Expecting one person to poses all the skills listed above is a tall order – especially at a very young age. I therefore find it an equally important skill, if not more important, to know your own strengths and weaknesses and to be able to create a leadership team around you that can compensate for your weakest areas. A team that allows you to learn from them and develop in the process, but also let’s you focus on utilizing your own strengths to develop the organization you are leading.

These are some of the skills I’ll be looking for when I’m going to judge who deserves the title of Young Business Leader of the Year 2012. What would you be looking for in a young business leader? I would love to hear your thought on what we should look for in the leaders of tomorrow.