My Agile journey started in late 1998. I was part of a Java development team pioneering eXtreme Programming practices in TDC, the former Danish national telecommunications company. The only guidance we had was the book eXtreme Programming by Kent Beck. We had almost no idea what we were doing, but we experimented a lot and had great fun along the way. Fast forward 20 years, and I have been working in an Agile manner ever since. After leading an Agile transformation from the inside as a Senior Manager, I started as a freelance Agile consultant in 2012. In 2014 I co-founded Ugilic, a leading Danish consultancy, focusing primarily on helping companies embrace Agile. Together with ten amazing colleagues, we help leaders and teams experiment, have fun and make Agile stick in their organizations.

How Can I Help?

As a consultant I develop Leadership on all levels of the organisation, by helping:

  • Executives embrace Agile values and principles to create the conditions necessary for the Agile organization to thrive
  • Managers develop inspiring workplaces by becoming true Agile leaders
  • Scrum Masters to develop an environment where self-organizing teams performs to the best of their abilities
  • Product Owners to inspire and facilitate teams to come up with brilliant ideas and deliver valuable products

As a trainer I mix theory and practice to make sure everyone can relate my training to their day-to-day work. Please feel free to check out my schedule here.

Agile Experience Highlights

About LB Forsikring (LB Insurance):
LB Forsikring is a member-owned insurance company with 138 years of history. LB Forsikring is Denmark’s 3rd largest insurance company on the private market and has almost 400,000 members.

My Role:
After expanding from two to three Agile teams, including reorganizing the existing teams, my mission was to help the teams To improve their Agile practices.

About e-nettet:
e-nettet is owned by the Danish banks and property financing service providers and plays an import role as the financial sector’s digitization partner. e-nettet is best known for developing the NemID common secure login app on behalf of the Danish financial and the public sectors.

My Role:
The task was to introduce Agile in an environment with multiple customers and outsourced development.

About ATP:
ATP is a mandatory pension scheme with 5,173,000 members. Besides ATP Lifelong Pension, ATP administers key welfare benefits and schemes on behalf of the Danish state, the local authorities in Denmark and the social partners. ATP is the largest administration provider in the Nordic countries, managing two thirds of welfare benefits disbursed in Denmark.

My Role:
As pat of an Agile Transformation program lead by one of my Ugilic colleagues, I coached a large program with participation from both ATP and an external supplier. 

About Alka:
Alka Forsikring is a Danish insurance company focusing on service Danish union members by offering affordable insurance. Alka has since been acquired by Tryg, the largest insurance company in Denmark.

My Role:
As part of a strategic initiative to further enable economic growth, I was brought on as Agile Transformation Coach. The transformation started in IT and Product Development, but since expanded to large parts of the organization.

About BRFkredit:
BRFkredit is a Danish mortgage credit institution lending against collateral on owner-occupied homes, commercial properties, and subsidized housing. BRFkredit is now part of Jyske Bank.

My Role:

Worked closely with the CIO and his leadership team to define the Agile transformation journey, trained and coached Managers in Agile leadership, facilitated the cross-organization transformation team, and leading and coordinating the external coaches.

About Oticon:
Oticon is a Danish-based hearing aid manufacturer employing more than 3000 people and creates hearing solutions that benefit people in more than 100 countries around the world. Products are sold through sales offices in 24 countries and some 80 independent distributors worldwide.

My Role:
As part of an Agile Transformation lead by one of my Ugilic colleagues, I coached a team with developers in India and business people in Denmark on how to make Agile work across multiple locations and time zones.

About Bluegarden:
Bluegarden develops and offers payroll and HR administration and selected services within strategic HRM to the Scandinavian market. Bluegarden’s 550 employees are serving 65.000 customers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. In 2017 Bluegarden was acquired by Visma. 

My Role:
Worked with an internal Agile Transformation Lead to help Bluegarden adopt Agile.

About ProActive:
ProActive is an IT-consultancy company offering consultancy and solutions focusing on optimizing corporate and organizational knowledge sharing, collaboration and business processes. During my time at ProActive, the company was named Microsoft Partner of the year in 2010.

My Roles:
2011-2012: Senior Manager

The final two years, I served as Senior Manager for the Project organization consisting of 50+ consultants with skills in the areas of Architecture, Development, Business Consulting and Project Management.

  • 2006-2010: Head of Project Management
    Responsible for daily coaching and management of 10 professional Project Managers and for developing the Agile project management tools and practices. Participating in delivery management strategic and operational activities as part of the delivery management team. Tested my theories in practice, by working as Project Management on larger complex projects for key clients, including some of the largest and most innovative international companies in Denmark.

2005: Senior Project Manager
Took a chance the first year being the only one at ProActive at the time applying Agile practices in my Project Management role.

Memorable Moments:
– Contributing to an 82.1 % rise in revenue 2006 to 2009.
– Collaborating with the Project Management Team on define and implement an Agile/Scrum based Project Management Methodology changing the corporate culture from a more tradition Waterfall mindset.
– Continuously development of talented Project Managers into new positions both inside and outside the organization.

The e2e Factory:

e2e Factory offers a real-time planning solution to make airplane cleaning as efficient as possible, real-time planning is necessary. Several controllers can work continuously in the central planning system and in real-time dispatches the latest updated plans to cleaning professionals on the ground.

My Role:

The environment at e2e Factory was entrepreneurial and I got to dust off my developer skills but also coached the CTO on Agile principles and practices.

The Maersk Data:

Maersk Data was part of the A.P. Moeller Maersk Group and was one of the largest IT companies in Denmark before they were sold til IBM at the end of 2014.

My Role:

Worked as the Technical Project Manager on a 45 person team with the ambition to build what would be equivalent to the 5th largest shipping line measured on online activity alone. My primary responsibility was to facilitate the architecture team, coach developers on Agile development, and work closely with the Management team and the commercial Project Manager on any high-level program issues.

About TDC Services:

TDC Services was part of the TDC Group serving TDC and subsidiary companies with IT development and operation services.

My Role:

Started as a Java developer, but quickly made the switch to Project Management. After two years I was promoted to my first Management position which I held for another two years before moving from Aarhus to Copenhagen to join Maersk Data. I all three roles we experimented with Agile principles and practices and I was part of one of two teams pioneering Agile in TDC.

Just after getting my  AP Graduate in Computer Science, I worked as a developer for a couple of years in two smaller software development companies. One developed system for the clothing design industry and the other developed industry kitchen planning solutions. Both were very young and small companies, and I was involved in a bit of everything. Some would call what we did Agile, but I think ad-hoc is a more appropriate term. Agile takes a lot of discipline. We did not always have that, but we did have a lot of fun.

Years of Agile experience
Agile Transformations as Lead


Master Thesis Title:
How the introduction of Agile can create new effects through collaboration between leaders, employees, and consultants.

Relevant Certifications

  • Professional Agile Leadership I (
  • Certified Leadership Circle Profile(TM) Practitioner
  • Agile Leadership Certification I (Scrum Alliance)
  • Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner
  • Professional Scrum Master II (
  • Professional Scrum Master I (
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner I (
  • SAFe SPC - Certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant
  • Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach
  • Global Leader of the Future - Leadership Assessment (360) - Certified Professional
  • Certified AgilityHealth Facilitator
  • Professional Scrum Developer (

Kind Words Said by Others

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Martin is a natural leader with huge drive and engagement. Martin has a high level of empathy and understands the role of leadership and how to be part of a leadership team, where he takes point in raises the bar in relation to culture, engagement and performance. Martin is authentic and trustworthy and people naturally follows his lead. Martin does not need to be the center of attention, but has now problem getting up on the soap box when it’s needed.


I have worked with Martin during his time as Agile transformation coach at our organization. A job ranging from introducing Agile / Scrum methodologies to implementation throughout the organization. Martin has a significant professional background and not least the ability to focus on the critical and consequent necessary issues related to the adopting an Agile mindset and practices. Martin has a high level of integrity and is not afraid to constructively pointy out important, and sometimes painful, issues. It has been an inspiring and pleasant experience to work with Martin.


What strikes me about Martin is two things: His dedication in everything he does (professionally and private), and his genuine passion about unfolding the potential in people and in challenges. To me, Martin is a great sparring partner and one who always takes the time to be present. Martin is on my short-list of people I call, when I need advice.


Quality Manager
Where do you draw the line between very enthusiastic and slightly crazy? In Martins case it's not easy to define where that line is primarily because he is so dedicated when it comes to the Agile universe - and evangelizing about how to apply Agile in the real world. Having a firm offset in the "built in - not bolted on"-approach to Agile and the many disciplines involved in software development, Martin is capable of presenting a 360 degree overview of the building blocks of Agile as well as applying them to your specific situation. And it's not only theory - practical experience comes first. After all that’s were your business is and Martin is the kind of coach where business outcome matters but be prepared - he's slightly crazy - about Agile.


General Manager
Martin worked as Project Manager on a large front edge Application development project for a global industry leader. project was characterized with Rapid Development methods being piloted and very dynamic project environment (large teams and frequent drop points). In working, Martin has a rare combination of strong professional insight in IT projects and high personal integrity which makes Martin a natural anchor point in a team even when tough decisions need to be made. I will welcome and enjoy the opportunity to have Martin work with me in the future - in the mean time strongly recommending Martin in a role as Senior Manager in the IT industry.


I’ve worked with Martin on and off during the last couple of years. Martin has been a key-person on implementation of Agile in our teams and has done an excellent job. Martin is very knowledgeable on agile, he has a very pleasant personality combined with the ability to win people over. He is able to combine theory with practice, has a respect for other opinions and possesses a natural authority.


Senior Business Consultant
Martin is a great manager of people and projects. His hands-on leadership style combined with with experience in and knowledge (both practical and theoretical) of Agile methods makes him a recommended choice as Agile coach or fly-in project troubleshooter.


Senior Solutions Architect
It is impossible to describe Martin without mention his passion, fire and commitment for Agile project management in general and Agile thinking in particularly. Martin is constantly thinking of how to best implement Agile methods while keeping both feet on the ground making sure that changes were not implemented too quickly while challenging the teams and organisations he worked with.


Software Developer
Martin management skills was above what you could expect from your everyday leader. His listening skills as a coordinator in an organisation, proves him an asset to any organisation ready to deal with agile processes. He then provides a solid foundation for people to excel in ones respective expertise and learning curve, as experienced in the teams I was involved in. Martin has my highest recommendations.


Principal Project Consultant
I have worked with Martin for several years where he has proven to be an excellent agile transformation coach. Instead of only teaching Agile tools and techniques, he has a unique ability to make others internalize the Agile principles. If you are looking for a coach to facilitate cultural change by introducing an Agile mindset, then Martin is the guy to talk to.