Below are some of the feedback I have gotten from people I have worked with. Some of the testimonials has been translated from Danish, but they have not been altered and full permission has been given to include them on this website. If you have worked with me or attended any of my agile training courses and want to share the experience, please email me a short testimonial at martin@ugilic.dk.

Martin is a natural leader with huge drive and engagement. Martin has a high level of empathy and understands the role of leadership and how to be part of a leadership team, where he takes point in raises the bar in relation to culture, engagement and performance. Martin is authentic and trustworthy and people naturally follows his lead. Martin does not need to be the center of attention, but has now problem getting up on the soap box when it’s needed.
Max Sejbæk
CEO at ProActive A/S

I have worked with Martin during his time as Agile transformation coach at Bluegarden. A job ranging from introducing Agile/Scrum methodologies to implementation throughout the organization. Martin has a significant professional background and not least the ability to focus on the critical and consequent necessary issues related to the adopting an Agile mindset and practices. Martin has a high level of integrity and is not afraid to constructively pointy out important, and sometimes painful, issues. It has been an inspiring and pleasant experience to work with Martin.
Jesper Lysholt Lundgreen
Director IT Solutions SE at Bluegarden

What strikes me about Martin is two things: His dedication in everything he does (professionally and private), and his genuine passion about unfolding the potential in people and in challenges. To me, Martin is a great sparring partner and one who always takes the time to be present. Martin is on my short-list of people I call, when I need advice.
Erik Korsvik Østergaard
Partner and leadership advisor at Bloch&Østergaard

Where do you draw the line between very enthusiastic and slightly crazy? In Martins case it’s not easy to define where that line is primarily because he is so dedicated when it comes to the Agile universe – and evangelising about how to apply Agile in the real world. Having a firm offset in the “built in – not bolted on”-approach to Agile and the many disciplines involved in software development, Martin is capable of presenting a 360 degree overview of the building blocks of agile as well as applying them to your specific situation. And it’s not only theory – practical experience comes first. After all that’s were your business is and Martin is the kind of coach where business outcome matters but be prepared – he’s slightly crazy – about Agile.
Mikkel Korsgaard
Quality Manager at ProActive A/S

Martin worked as Project manager on a large front edge Application development project for a global industry leader. project was characterised with Rapid Development methods beeing piloted and very dynamic project environment (large teams and frequent droppoints). In working, Martin has a rare combination of strong professional insight in IT projects and high personal integrety which makes Martin a natural anchorpoint in a team even when tough decisions need to be made. I will welcome and enjoy the opportunity to have Martin work with me in the future – in the mean time strongly recommending Martin in a role as Senior Manager role in the IT industry.
Kjeld Tage Pharao
Department Head, General Manager at Maersk Data

I’ve worked with Martin on and off during the last couple of years. Martin has been a key-person on implementation of agile in our teams and has done an excellent job. Martin is very knowledgeable on agile, he has a very pleasant personality combined with the ability to win people over. He is able to combine theory with practice, has a respect for other opinions and possesses a natural authority.
Majbritt Jensen
Manager at Bluegarden

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